Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Observations on a cloudy Tuesday morning:

Walking to work the bin man was sitting on the fence reading a book. I couldn't see what book he was reading, but it made me smile to see him. I wished I had my camera.

I'm wearing colour again today. Madras dress and pink patent shoes. Yesterday I wore head to toe black, something I rarely do. Everyone commented on the fact that I was wearing all black, which just goes to show that I'm not lying. I'm a colour girl.

My legs hurt from horse riding on Sunday. Sore thighs when walking. Maybe high heels not such a good idea.

Trees on Grey's Inn Road are now more leaves than branches.

Wearing high heels like wearing armour. Something men will never understand. Heels make you feel invincible. Maybe high heels a good idea after all.

Buying a bottle of water at the shop on my way to the Tube. It's £1.49. Why not £1.50? I told him to keep the change. Obviously.

Everyone still reading awful free papers on the Tube. Depressing.

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Anonymous said...

For the same reason some people who've just turned 50 continue to say they're 49: one year makes a great deal of difference if it puts you on the sprightly side of that imposing wall between your 5th and 6th decades. 1.49 looks significantly younger than 1.50. (How do you make the pound symbol? I'm American.)