Monday, 3 August 2009

das Antichrist

I went to see Antichrist last Wednesday with two female friends. That they were female friends is important, I think. Nothing more uncomfortable than sitting next to a male friend while a woman walks around naked on screen and then performs a clitroidectomy.

With this film Lars von Trier has introduced the word clitroidectomy back into common vernacular. He has also made it perfectly clear that he hates women. Possibly therapists, but definitely women.

Until someone reminded me this afternoon, I had already forgotton I had seen Antichrist. This is my review: I forgot about Antichrist less than one week after seeing it.

So, see this film if you want to be able to say you saw this film. Or if you don't mind wasting three hours of your life in a darkened room. Do not see this film if you previously rated von Trier's The Five Obstructions as your second favourite film of all time. You will exit the cinema wishing you had become a Jørgen Leth devotee instead. You will not, however, make the same mistake again.


J. Harker said...

The thought of cliterodectomy makes my entire body cringe.

But the image of the film you included (couple, tree, hands) is quite impressive.

Phoenicia said...

Indeed. Some of the visuals were amazing, but overall the film is a big disappointment.