Monday, 30 November 2009

fashion crushes: Katie Gallagher & Jen Kao

Two of my favourite fashion loves at the minute are Katie Gallagher and Jen Kao. I wish we heard more about up and coming designers from other countries in the UK, but I suppose it makes sense to promote local talent, which is what inevitably happens. What's interesting about the - I guess you'd call it the global fashion industry - is that different styles have seeped into different markets. These two designers, but especially Katie, look more like they came out of the St Martin's machine than RISD (Rhode Island School of Design).

Katie Gallagher only showed her first full collection this year - S/S10 in September 09 - and it's pretty fabulous for a first collection: incredibly focused and beautifully finished. The thing I really love through is that she doesn't dabble in side seams. Which is cool. Her pieces don't have any side seams whatsoever, only curved seams that wrap and mimic the body. I mean, when was the last time you saw a straight edge on a woman's body. Exactly.

FC #2 is Jen Kao. She went to Parsons and NYU and launched her label in 2007 (the pics below are all from F/W09). The thing I like about the work of both girls is that the designs are sexy and fitted without being trashy and that they are easy and sheer enough for layering (which I suck at so anything that helps me in that direction = bonus points). Sort of powerful meets pretty and I like that. It's a good feeling when you get all dressed up and you know you look good, not slutty, just fierce, fierce, fierce.

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