Friday, 9 January 2009

The most expensive restaurant in the world?

I love eating out, but even this is a bit much.

I'm the kind of person who would happily eat out 3 meals a day, every day. I like to cook, but I hate washing up and when push comes to shove, if someone else is making the grub I'm happier. Where most people cringe at an £80 tasting menu, I think that isn't bad value - as long as the food tastes incredible.

With that in mind, it's quite surprising that I've found a restaurant (Alain Ducasse's Plaza Athénée) whose prices shock even me! This menu is absolutely ridiculous! I don't know who eats here, but my guess is you have to show proof at the door that you own a diamond mine in Africa. I mean the food does look delicious and I still want to eat here, but seriously, €135 for some lobster!!! These prices are the most ridiculous I've ever seen (congratulations M. Ducasse). And that's saying something. Makes the Fat Duck look downright cheap!

This is their 'Winter' menu:

• Black truffle marmalade and Roseval potatoes,

sea salt 125 €

• Roasted blue lobster, gnocchi, young leeks

and truffles 135 €


• Steamed langoustines served cold, Iranian osetra caviar,

reduced stock 175 € 95 € - half portion -

• Bresse chicken glazed in an Albufera sauce,

tartufi di Alba 175 €


• Vegetables and fruits cooked / raw, tomato / truffle chutney 65 €

• Sea scallops and cauliflower cream « grenobloise » style 80 €

• Guinea fowl from Challans and duck liver, truffled dressing 90 €

• Line caught sea bass flavoured with citrus / peppers, caramelized fillet 90 €

• Dover sole, clams and cockles, parsley juice 100 €

• Brittany turbot in matelote 95 €

• Rack and saddle of lamb, artichokes and fresh salad, dry fruits crumbs 95 €

• Venison with winter vegetables, reduced red wine spicy sauce 100 €

• Preserved and smoked pigeon, sweet and sour turnips 90 €

• Cheeses refined for you 25 €

• Three dishes of your choice from our "Specialities" - half portion -, cheeses and dessert 360 €

• Three dishes of your choice from "Pleasures of the table" - half portion -, cheeses and dessert


Phoenicia said...

Can I just ask all the people who are coming to this page from Google: why on Earth is everyone in the US looking for the most expensive restaurant in the world?

Something in the news? I'm confused. Enlighten me, please.

Anonymous said...

Phoenicia: It really is a random search. In my case, I suddenly developed an urge, after visiting what I considered to be an expensive restaurant, to see how much people would be willing to pay for a meal. It's shocking, really - I'd rather have a new printer than curry that costs £2,000 a portion.