Sunday, 28 June 2009

be careful what you search for

A lot of people come to blogs by google searches. The great thing about blog stats is that you can see exactly what people were searching for when they came to your blog. These are usually hilarious, often ridiculous. Some of the best in the last week for your amusement:

(in parentheses is what the post actually was)

- what is the meant by "appetitive system?" (porn and neuroplasticity post)
- buildings that convey sentiment of love [what does that even mean?!] (Auden's poem, September 1, 1939)
- sexy haunch video (Adrian Ghenie at Haunch of Venison)
- sexy bbc radio plays (I do actually have a post called 'welcome to sexy voices on bbc radio 4')
- post letter opening by neighbours (an open letter to our neighbours)
- big haunch photo (Haunch of Venison review)
"Tanya Gold" "hard to swallow" esquire (dinner party diva)

Moral of the story. Be careful what you search for. Someone out there knows that you, by virtue of your googling, are a pervy, sentimental, paranoid freak of nature. Unless, that is you're the one person searching about the appetitive system, in which case you're probably addicted to pervy, sentimental, paranoid freaks of nature.

Keep it up.

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