Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Super (sad face) Bowl?

DISCLAIMER: I started writing down notes/observations in a post as the Super Bowl was starting with the intention of turning it into something legible/interesting/witty whatever. But then after the post got left by the wayside in favour of a spot of competitive twittering facebookyness, I thought it might actually be more funny/random if I just left it as it was and then added the twittery posts from my status updates.

So this is the Super Bowl as watched by an Arizona native who has been living in the UK for the past five years. In case you can't tell, I was pretty damn excited that our Cards made it to the Bowl game...


The Super Bowl!!!!! XLIII

Faith Hill sings America the Beautiful (or whatever it's called)

Propaganda cracking me up - we're shown a "live" image of some troops at some base in the middle of who knows where with hand over heart. Awwww.

God bless America.

US Airways Flight 1549 paraded out - the pilot wouldn't give interviews for days after, but he's happy to be displayed on National TV. I don't get it.

"To honour America" - The Star Spangled Banner by Jennifer Hudson. The close ups of the players faces crack me up - like this is an event of historical national importance. It's a 4 hour commercial - how much did the advertising bring in this year?

The players must surely think, can't we just get on with playing. It's like if you've psyched yourself up to have this crazy sexy marathon and then you have to sing a few songs first, do some stretches, applaud your neighbourhood heroes.

A fly over by some jet planes. Then a count down - kickoff in 7:00...

When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote - "there are no second acts in American lives", he obviously did not know Kurt Warner (the quarterback for the Cards) - too funny!

It's not even 5 minutes in and I can hardly watch... The Steelers are kicking the crap out of the Cards D already...

At this point, I started a sort of cheating version of live blogging on facebook [I just copied and pasted]:

Crystal - Arizona wins the toss! It's go time!!! 23:28

Crystal apologies in advance for the Twitter-like Super Bowl updates. 23:40

Crystal Touchdown OVERTURNED!!!!!!! 23:42 - Show Comments (2)
DP at 23:54, on 01 February.
i am so glad you are liveblogging this. but where's the maddenesque commentary?
Crystal Bennes at 23:58, on 01 February.
The commentaries crack me up. I'm biting my nails off already and we're only 10 minutes in!! I can't stand the tension. The Cards need to step it up!

Crystal end of first quarter: Steelers 3 - Cards 0. 00:01

Crystal fuck, fuck, fuck fuck! Steelers touchdown. 00:08 - Show Comments (2)
DP at 00:13, on 02 February.
not to worry. the cards are just lulling them into a false sense of security. all part of a larger strategy.
Crystal Bennes at 00:20, on 02 February.
you're right. power of positive thinking!!

Crystal CARDS TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 00:21 - Show Comments (3)
DP at 00:27, on 02 February.
see? huh? what I tell you. strategy.
Crystal Bennes at 00:29, on 02 February.
I know, I know. I'm keeping the flame of faith well oxygenated. Now the D just need to stick with the programme and all will be well...

Crystal 35 yard return by Breaston. This is brilliant football! 00:31

Crystal Interception Cards. More like this please. 00:41 - Show Comments (4)
DP at 00:50, on 02 February.
first on two yard line!
DP at 00:52, on 02 February.
uh oh
DP at 00:52, on 02 February.
what just happened?
Crystal Bennes at 00:53, on 02 February.
I don't believe it...

Crystal you have got to be kidding me. Cards on the two yard line, Steelers run it back for a touchdown. Unbelievable... 00:52

Crystal and we're back. Round two. 01:30

Crystal Cuba Gooding Jr at the SB looking surly. If we ever needed to see the money it's right now. 01:44

Crystal quit it with the fouls already Cards! 02:14

Crystal please, please, please, please score. 02:20

Crystal Fitzgerald you are my hero!! Touchdown!! 02:26

Crystal whoo hoo dockett with the qb sack. 02:31

Crystal 5 minutes for a miracle. 02:33 - Show Comments (2)
DP at 02:36, on 02 February.
that's like twelve hours in football game time. no problem.
Crystal Bennes at 02:38, on 02 February.
i'm watching through my fingers!

Crystal SAFTEY!! 02:45

Crystal AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 02:48 - Show Comments (4)
DP at 02:49, on 02 February.
see. told you. no problem.
Crystal Bennes at 02:50, on 02 February.
still 2 minutes left...
DP at 02:51, on 02 February.
Now. I say it one more time tonight. Defense.
Crystal Bennes at 02:53, on 02 February.
you speak the truth, brother, you speak the truth.

Crystal hold on Cards, just hold on a little longer. 02:50

Crystal can not believe it. 03:03
Crystal Bennes at 03:11, on 02 February.
and not it a good way - sad for my underdogs

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Anonymous said...

My only disappointment with this post is your failure to include the twittery line of the night--a line that sums up my opinion of SuperBowl commercials (blockbuster budgets and alleged creativity notwithstanding):

"What the frak is"

What indeed. Kara Thrace would be proud to have you ride copilot in her space fighter. Color me (or colour me) honored for having made your blog.