Friday, 6 February 2009


I have doggy neediness. I want a dog. You'd think living in London would be rubbish for dogs, but we've got loads of parks and lots of outside spaces, good for dog owners (can you sense how much I'm trying to convince myself?). But I live in a flat with two guys and I don't know how we'd cope with a dog. Secretly, I think they'd both love it and the dog would also appreciate the man love. The biggest problem is that I already know what kind of dog I want and it's not exactly what you'd call a lap dog. I want a Hungarian Vizsla. They're gorgeous, hyper, loyal, clever hunting dogs. I'd want to take it everywhere with me. To work, to parties, to the park, to the bookshop. A puppy boyfriend. It's a bit creepy really... But so, so pretty!

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Anonymous said...

Yes and you could take it hunting for dirty sheep in the middle of London!