Friday, 27 March 2009

how to cover up a stain

Or how not to.

Why would you want to with these interesting teacups designed to improve through use. The product blurb talks about how the teacups challenge the assumption that use is damaging to a product, which is an interesting idea: the supposed devaluation of a product which begins immediately post purchase. But in actuality these cups become more beautiful the more they are used: the interior surface of the cup is treated so that it stains more in those treated areas. I like it.

I also liked the idea of these secretive teacups because this week has been quite strange indeed. There have been too many secrets floating around my office lately, many of which are only now being revealed. We all keep secrets from one another, and this is perhaps nowhere more true than at work, but when those around you begin acting secretively and strangely, you start feeling as if people can see straight through you. Even if you have nothing (or at least little) to hide, why is it that other people's suspicious behaviour makes you feel so uneasy? I've just found out that one of my colleagues is pregnant, one is applying for a new job, and yet another has just lost his job. Everyone has their secrets I suppose.

Don't ask me what mine is.

I'm not telling.


ciao-paolo said...

Oh c'mon. We all know you're a CIA operative. Cat's been out of the bag for months now.

Phoenicia said...

It's a double bluff, all that CIA nonsense.

I'm really SIS...

J. Harker said...

Can we at least play Twenty Questions?