Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I love Paris

This is a lazy photo post of this weekend's Paris and Versailles trip. Will write something altogether more thoughtful tomorrow after tonight's Norman Doidge (he's a psychiatrist who writes on neuroplasticity and I'm a big fan) lecture at LSE.


FairOphelia said...

Just kind of stumbled upon your blog. I confess I hardly understood your science post at the top, but what I did get seemed interesting. I love this one though. Paris is amazing and the pictures are pretty cool too - would you mind me using two of them for a couple of pieces of writing?

Phoenicia said...

Paris is lovely indeed.

Absolutely - feel free to use the photos, I don't mind at all. Be sure to direct me to the pieces of writing when they're finished.

FairOphelia said...

Thank you!