Wednesday, 11 March 2009

the man without a head

I bought the European Short 16 DVD about a month ago. I still haven't watched all the films. For some reason the first film I watched was by Juan Solanas called l'homme sans tĂȘte. It's an animated short and I didn't think I'd like it, so I don't know why I watched it first, but I'm immensely glad I did.

This is one of the most brilliant films I've seen in a long time. It's so beautifully put together and it's one of the most original and intriguing worlds I've ever seen on screen. I also loved that I thought I knew exactly where it was going and then constantly had my expectations flipped upside down - that's such a rarity. And I also love how this film manages to make a statement about allowing yourself to be who you truly are without resorting to gratuitous emotional manipulation.

I found this video of it but it doesn't have subtitles (I'm not even sure if it has sound at all as I'm at work and can't hear anything on my computer), but you don't really even need to understand what's being said to get the jist of what's going on. It's a bit long (about 15 minutes in all), but seriously well worth it.

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